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Special Events
If you would like to have a copy of your 2023 contributions, please talk to Jean. If you itemize, you can list your charitable gifts to the church as a deduction.
Third Thursday
Third Thursday, March 21, is designed to help new attendees get to know more about Council Grove Christian Church. It will be an informal event on the third Thursday of the month with a meal and time to get acquainted. There are sign-up sheets by the office if you plan to attend this month. There is also a sheet wehre you can indicate the food item you will contribute to the meal.

Awana Grand Prix
Our 15th Awana Grand Prix will be this Saturday, March 23rd Time is running out to get your car kit - your last chance is this Wednesday night at Awana. This is always a fun event that enables us to connect with parents of our clubbers, some of whom do not attend CGCC. There are still ways you can get involved on race day- provide a salad or cookies for the lunch served to the participants and their families.

Men to Mountains
The annual trip to the mountains of Colorado is scheduled for May 1-5. This is a popular "working retreat", with a number of names already on the list. For more information, talk to Pastor John or some of the other men who have taken the trip.

Ladies' Coffee
The next 2024 ladies' coffee will be on Saturday, April 6, at 10:00 AM, at Watts Coffee. This is a great opportunity to get to know your sisters in Christ a little better- we've learned some interesting things about one another! Plan to come and enjoy the fellowship -even if you aren't a coffee drinker.

Moms Of Littles
The next Moms of Littles meeting is scheduled for Friday, Apr. 26 at 9 AM. If you are willing to come and spend time with the "littles" please talk to Leigh. She always has some activity planned for them. but your help would be very much appreciated!
Prayer Time 
Prayer is always important, but right now our nation is in the midst of unprecedented times. We will gather at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, Mar. 19th, to pray for our leaders, our country, revival in our nation and other important issues. Please invite your friends and neighbors to come with you and join us in prayer!

Our Mission Partners: Gillaspie Memorial
Gillaspie Memorial was started a number of years ago to support the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization at our local high school. This organization provides students the opportunity to meet with Christians that attend other churches in our community. They can also be good role models for the rest of the student body. Pray for the students in this organization as they live out their faith at school.