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Where is my heart?

Cristina Thurlow


As Christmas season ends, and the new year begins, I find myself becoming complacent. I want to indulge my own desires. Quite frankly, I find myself wanting to do absolutely nothing. I justify those wants by saying I deserve a break after all the energy I expended in December.


Falling into this mindset never ends well for me. It brings my focus onto myself and off of Christ and his mission for my life. Just as I started settling into this pattern I woke up with the words to one of my favorite songs ringing in my heart.


These words stir my heart because I recognize myself in them. I can use this song as a prayer when I don’t have adequate words of my own:


Let thy goodness, like a fetter,

bind my wandering heart to thee.

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love;

Here’s my heart, O take and seal it,

seal it for thy courts above.


As the new year starts, I want to focus my heart back on God. One sure way is to read my bible and pray. As we start a new year, with our world in turmoil, what can you do to bind your heart to God?