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Mid Week Reflections

Servants of God,

“The only person who has to believe in me is myself.”
-Lil Nas X (Montero Lamar Hill)
“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”
-Jesus (John 8:32)


Montero Lamar Hill, whose stage name is “Lil Nas X”, is releasing a new album entitled “Montero.” He has published a photo shoot of himself—a slender black man –proudly displaying his “baby bump.” I was not surprised. Recent confusion over gender and human sexuality has generated an avalanche of illogical (and impossible) claims and pretensions. Lil Nas X was taking advantage of the current cultural confusion to publicize his soon to be released album.

I would not have had a clue who this young man was if I had not viewed some comments by the writer Delano Squires on Jason Whitlock’s show “Fearless.” Squires, like Whitlock, is fearless when it comes to speaking about his Christian worldview. He criticized the current attacks across the media on reality. He said that when he sees something like this, he asks the question: “How is this squaring with what I know to be true about God as Creator, and about the nature of his created beings.” That, my brothers and sisters, is the type of question a well-taught Christian should ask.

Do you suppose the average American Christian teenager is prepared for the world he or she is moving into? How will that young man or young woman make sense of all the confusing and deceptive philosophies that populate the electronic vanity fair of our time?

When Lil Nas X posed for a photo shoot as a “pregnant man” he caused quite a stir in the internet world. The only reason is that some people still have sense enough to know a man cannot be pregnant. The young singer-song writer was pulling a publicity stunt to pump up his new album, but why did he think it would work? Because there is enough confused thinking to make it interesting and intriguing.

Mr. Squires posited that things are going on in our culture that would not have been tolerated fifty years ago. I would guess that even ten years ago the stunt would have fallen flat because most of the American population would have seen through the impossible notion that a man can be pregnant.

If you have a child or young person in your sphere of influence and you are not doing everything in your power to ground that young human being in the truth of the Holy Scriptures, please start today.  If your children are not enrolled in every available Bible teaching context, what are you thinking?

Christians must not be foolish about the high costs of biblical ignorance. If you want the children in your life to be “free” to understand the world around them in a logical way that brings glory to God and blessing to them and their neighbors, they must come to know biblical truth. Otherwise, they will likely fall prey to every sort of deceptive philosophy and struggle to understand themselves and their world. If there is a child in your life that you love and can teach, you had better prepare them biblically to encounter the avalanche of lies they are bound to face. Only God’s truth brings freedom.

Pastor John
Coram Deo